SH4F Program

SH4F Landlord Information

Common Ground Queensland (CGQ) is a not-for-profit organisation, who specialises in supportive housing and property and tenancy management. CGQ is a registered charity and is a registered Tier 3 provider under the National Regulatory System for Community Housing (NRSCH).

Supportive housing is safe, affordable, long term housing that offers ongoing, individualised support services for tenants. CGQ partners with specialised support organisations to deliver this unique housing model. CGQ is expanding its services to provide supportive housing to families. Under the Supportive Housing for Families (SH4F) Program, CGQ will headlease privately owned properties, either through a real estate agent or directly with the owner and then lease the properties to eligible families participating in the program.

Landlord FAQ

Landlords are a valued stakeholder of the SH4F Program and are protected by a Headlease Agreement which offers the same protection as that provided under a Residential Tenancies Authority (RTA) General Tenancy Agreement. There are many benefits for landlords wishing to participate in the SH4F Program: some of which are provided below.

How many properties does Common Ground Queensland manage?

CGQ has been operating since 2012 and currently manages 146 residential properties and 3 commercial properties in South Brisbane. CGQ’s property and tenancy management team have extensive experience in the private rental and community housing sector.

What would my property be used for?

Families of the SH4F Program are allocated a home to rent for a fixed 12 month term. The program is delivered in conjunction with a community support provider, Micah Projects.

Will I get market value for my property?

Property owners / real estate agents (lessors) will receive the agreed, full market rental rate for the property. We take no agent or commission fees from you.

What are the benefits of placing my property with the SH4F Program?

  • You are assured of a secure, minimum 12 month tenancy

  • Rent is paid a minimum one month in advance

  • Professional service delivery

  • Property maintenance coordination

There is no vacancy rate – this means you will be paid rent even if the property is vacant during its agreed term with CGQ.

How does the agreement work?

Your property would be leased under a Headlease Agreement for the SH4F Program. Under this agreement, CGQ is the tenant. CGQ then subleases the property under a RTA General Tenancy Agreement to suitable families.

What insurance will I need?

All lessors are required to maintain current public liability insurance (minimum $10 million) and have building insurance in place at all times.

Who is responsible for maintenance?

For any maintenance that is the responsibility of the owner, CGQ will make arrangements with the lessor regarding a preferred response. CGQ will advise lessors of any repairs or maintenance that require their attention. CGQ will maintain gardens, lawns and edging. Owners are responsible for the maintenance of established trees.

How will routine inspections be conducted?

CGQ will accompany lessors to carry out routine inspections.
Access to the property outside of routine inspections will be arranged when reasonable notice is provided by the lessor to allow CGQ to give adequate notice to their tenant.

What happens at the end of the lease?

The property is returned at the end of the lease as per the Entry Condition Report (less fair wear and tear).

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