Sarah's Story

I am pursuing my dreams thanks to the Digital Inclusion Project.

I have always been passionate about writing.  I have a Bachelor of Arts specialising in Film and Media, and Literature, and a Master of Arts, with Honours, in Journalism and Mass Communication.  While I love writing, I really want to learn to be an editor and publisher.  My battles with mental illness have created barriers for me in pursuing my dreams.

When I became unwell I was not able to make informed decisions about purchasing internet services, I ended up in contracts that I could not afford and as a result I was denied access to any internet service for two years.  My illness also made it impossible for me to attend university on campus.  My only option for further study was online but the prepaid plans were too expensive for the amount of data I would need to purchase.

I was so excited when I found out that Common Ground Queensland were going to provide a free wi-fi service in the building, I could now study from home!  I immediately started looking at online study options.  Common Ground Queensland were able to provide the free service thanks to support from donors.  I am now studying a Bachelor of Professional Writing and Publishing through Open Universities Australia.

I am writing a series of Zines titled “By the Skin of my Teeth”, they give me an opportunity to share my experience of mental illness in a light hearted way.  I am selling them online through the ETSY website – I have already sold 88 copies worldwide.  I have recently started writing and drawing a cartoon series too – it is a lot of fun. After the completion of my degree I plan to help my Dad publish a children’s book that he has been writing.    

I am loving the opportunity to learn again, even though it is challenging at times.  I want to thank everyone who has contributed to the Digital Inclusion Project – you have made a real difference in my life.


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