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What is Supportive Housing?

Supportive housing offers long term, safe, affordable housing that is intentionally linked to dedicated, tailored support services.

Supportive housing can be delivered in high density multi storey buildings, such as Brisbane Common Ground, or in lower density and scattered site dwellings as delivered in our Supportive Housing 4 Families Program.

Supportive housing is a solution that can end the cycle of homelessness for the most vulnerable individuals and families in Queensland.  It offers a permanent alternative to rough sleeping, couch surfing and crisis accommodation.

Fundamental to the success of supportive housing is the shared vision of a tenancy and property manager and a support provider who work in partnership with tenants to sustain their tenancies.  Permanent housing is the first step to stability, it allows people to more effectively deal with the challenges that had previously kept them homeless.  Over time tenants are enabled to maximise their opportunities for an independent and healthy life.

The Common Ground model of Supportive Housing originated in New York City in the early 80’s.  Due to the success of the model in ending homelessness it has expanded internationally.  Five Australian States and one Territory now have at least one Common Ground development.  The sixth State is currently planning for two new developments.

Brisbane Common Ground opened in July 2012, it is Queenslands’ first supportive housing initiative.  The principles developed in the successful New York City Common Ground model, have been adopted by Common Ground Queensland and used to implement a specialised supportive housing property and tenancy management approach at Brisbane Common Ground. 

Design – A thoughtfully designed and well maintained positive home environment that includes community spaces and opportunities for the wider community to participate.  An asset for the whole community.

Permanency & Affordability – Housing is permanent, affordable and self-contained with rent less than 30% of income.

Tenancy Mix – There is a mix of tenants with a proportion having experienced homelessness and some who have not.  The mix ensures a vibrant and diverse building community.

Safety – A concierge service is provided 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to ensure a welcoming but controlled access to the building.

Support Services – Onsite support services offer a holistic, tenancy focussed service to tenants who require support to remain housed and achieve their goals and aspirations. The Property and Tenancy Manager works in partnership with support provider, and tenants to sustain tenancies.

Social Inclusion – Each element of supportive housing aims to create the greatest degree of empowerment and independence for individuals as well as a thriving community for tenants and neighbours.

In July 2020 CGQ commenced a 12-month pilot project to offer supportive housing to families who are negatively impacted by a cycle of homelessness and engagement with child protection. 

The Supportive Housing 4 Families Project (SH4F) offers families access to safe and affordable rental housing that is linked to a specialised family support program.  This scattered site supportive housing model is based on models that have been effective in other jurisdictions in keeping families together. 

The program is offered to families with at least one child in the 0-5 age range and is designed to help families find stability in the community while they access a two generational support program that responds to the needs of parents and children.