About Us

Vision, Mission & Our Core Business

Vision Statement

Ending homelessness a person at a time with the communities in which we operate.

Mission Statement

To create supportive homes through effective public, private and community partnerships that respond to people’s needs and improve well-being and connectedness. 


  • To provide specialised tenancy management services for supportive housing and affordable housing tenants.
  • To increase the supply of supportive housing to meet the growing needs of individuals and families who are at risk of, or experiencing homelessness, or who suffer from a disability, including mental health and addiction.

We are committed to:

Social Justice – The right to affordable and permanent housing for the most vulnerable and chronically homeless people in our community.

Supportive Housing Philosophy – The integration of housing, support services, and the community to assist people who have experienced homelessness.

Community – Creating sustainable communities to house people who have experienced chronic homelessness.

Environment – Design and develop housing solutions that are safe, secure, and environmentally sustainable.

Accountability – Sound governance, economic, environmental, and financial sustainability.