Tenant Stories

An Anonymous Story

For the purpose of this story we will call our lady Sandra. Before coming to Common Ground Queensland Sandra was always worried about how she would get to the Mater Hospital to access treatment for her multiple illnesses. Since coming to Common Ground Sandra is able to go the hospital daily or when needed which has relieved her stress and improved her overall health. Sandra feels that the security of the building and the safety this brings has greatly alleviated her stress.

One of the long-term benefits of being at Common Ground for Sandra is knowing that when the time comes for her to have a carer she will have the safety and security of Concierge and building cameras to monitor visitor access and protocols. Though Sandra is holding off as long as possible to get a carer, this added security has allowed Sandra to feel less vulnerable when the time comes.

Currently Sandra’s health is stable and she is really happy. Sandra feels that the primary reason for this is that she has little to worry about financially and emotionally at Common Ground.

Sandra feels that Common Ground has changed the outlook of her future by giving her hope, stability and a chance at a future filled with more opportunities whereas her previous prognosis was not great. She now feels that she will be able to undertake further study as she is so close to everything.

This is Sandra’s story.