Tenant Stories

Lisa's Story

Lisa explains that before she came to live at Brisbane Common Ground she was not in a very good place within herself. A number of stresses and a divorce had sent her into a downward spiral of depression and drinking which lasted a number of years before she attended a Rehab Centre.

Unfortunately while Lisa was in Rehab she lost her home. At this point she didn’t know where she would live once her time at the Centre came to an end. Lisa heard about Common Ground from another client in Rehab and with the help of a nurse who advocated on her behalf she was able to secure accommodation in the newly built South Brisbane apartment complex. This was a major turning point in Lisa’s recovery, as was gaining some employment at the Rehab Centre as a Cook.

Lisa feels that Common Ground has given her a strong foundation, independence, safety, comfort and a private place to retreat to when she needs her own space. She is appreciative of the 24/7 security the building provides her and believes it is the safest building in Brisbane, as all guests have to sign in before they visit. Lisa also feels that she has easy access to support if she needs it and expressed that Micah and Common Ground staff notice if she is not feeling 100% and offer assistance. Lisa expressed that the community support in the building is very strong, that she always feels that Concierge has her back when she enters or exits the building and that the building community is like a family. In Lisa’s words – “it’s coming home”.

This is Lisa’s Story.