Tenant Stories

Rod's Story

Brisbane Common Ground (BCG) came into my life at an opportune time when I was soon required to move on from a sub-let rental situation with no particular plan for where to go. I came into the building under the low income stream of tenancy. August 1st 2015 has seen me reach 3 years residency at BCG.

At the time of arriving at BCG I had had no exposure to homelessness. As a consequence I have found that my sense of compassion for the plight of others has been challenged. In so doing I have gained an appreciation for the differing and changing life circumstances that confront so many people.

When I became a resident of BCG I was a multi-functional volunteer worker at the Relaxation Centre of Queensland at Alderley, in particular coordinating the bookshop as well as presenting a workshop on the program. This took quite a deal of my time and provided great satisfaction in making a contribution to the wellbeing of others. I am now a retiree and seek to engage my time differently.

The current year, 2015, has seen me participate in the building's weekly yoga sessions as a way of taking care of my body and preparing for an 800 km walking pilgrimage, the Camino de Santiago, in northern Spain in September/October. I have also successfully completed the TAFE Certificate II in Business course conducted through Common Ground Queensland which now allows me to speak to my computer kindly so that it will readily do work for me. Additionally I am a part of the Venue Hire Team involved in hiring out the building's function rooms.

Outside of the building I participate in a weekly meditation group and a community choir, both of which I thoroughly enjoy and contribute to my overall sense of wellbeing.

One downside for me is the environmental noise situation with incessant traffic, sirens day and night, trains passing, early morning Fleet Lane rubbish collections and the construction sounds which will be experienced for a few years yet -oh, the joys of inner city living.

I have a curious interest in the happenings in and around BCG whilst maintaining my own sense of independence and self-resourcefulness.