Tenant Stories

Arne's Story

Arne shares that he has been proactively and diligently looking for work as a Second Year Apprentice Chef.  “I’ve been dropping my resume in to a lot of places and have been going for work trials.  You have to sell yourself to get a job, that’s what you’ve got to do”, Arne explains emphatically. “That’s the only way you can get somewhere. Staying at home on a computer all day is boring”, Arne continues.

Arne points out that even though it’s hard for people to get work sometimes, you have to be persistent, even in the face of rejection. “I believe that when you try something, at least you are doing something positive and one day it will come eventually – you don’t know when, but it will come”, says Arne. “It’s up to the individual person, everyone has choice. It’s not sweet sailing for anybody but you have to try to be happy”.

“My belief is to make the best of what you’ve got and try to go forward, not backwards. What you get out of it, is what you put it in to it”.

Arne shares that he has been working closely with Common Ground Queensland’s Employment, Training and Volunteer Coordinator, Deb Jones to refine his resume and get job ready. With working knowledge of Brisbane Common Ground’s commercial kitchen, Arne has also volunteered his chef skills to coordinate catering for a number of events held within the building.

We are delighted, but not surprised to add that Arne’s determination and positive attitude has subsequently paid off, with Arne now employed as a Second Year Apprentice Chef in a local restaurant.  Well done Arne – you are an inspiration to us all.